Deacero Welded Reinforcing, dwr, is a welded positively deformed steel wire reinforcement mat manufactured at the factory from large-diameter rod, pre-cut, fusion welded and ready to meet your concrete reinforcement requirements.

The use of deformed steel wire as reinforcement has been in use in the U.S. since the original patent was granted in 1901.

dwr´s objective is to take the leading role in the U.S. construction market in the use of large diameter deformed welded reinforcement.
dwr has state of the art technology and equipment to manufacture high quality structural products, in lieu of independent number 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 rebar elements. Our company has a technical staff with extensive experience on welded reinforcement design and application. Also, our sales staff understands the benefits you expect on concrete reinforcement.

dwr Product Benefits Top

A. High Strength Steel
dwr offers optimal load distribution as welded intersections prevent separation in both directions, providing superior crack control. The inherent rigidity of the mats increases resistance to bending and moving of reinforcing while casting concrete. Precise spacing and positioning are maintained even when driven upon by construction equipment.

B. High Strength Standards
ASTM-496 requires deformed wire to be a minimum of Grade 70, however, dwr is routinely manufactured in higher strength Grade 80 deformed steel, (80,000 psi).

C. Easy and Fast to Install
dwr mats can be installed as much as 10 times faster, promoting accelerated project completions and significantly reduced labor cost.

D. Short Delivery Lead Times
dwr uses state of the art equipment for production in order to supply the highest quality material at reduced manufacturing lead times.

dwr Productions Process TOP

1 Cold rolled rod
2 Straight and shear
3 Fusion Welding

dwr As part of Deacero Company TOP

dwr is a business unit of Deacero, one of the largest steel wire producers in the world. Established in 1952 and privately owned, our company manufactures meeting the highest quality international standards by using only the best technologies and state of the art manufacturing equipment.
Vertically integrated, Deacero produces its own steel and manufactures its own products. Quality is under our total control from steel mill to manufacturing plant, to finished product and distribution to world wide customers. Our integrated structure includes:

2 Steel Mills
16 Cold drawn rod facilities
2 Distribution Centers in the USA
8 Scrap Yards
3 Million tons of liquid steel per year
8.6 Million square feet of manufacturing space
3.6 Million square feet of steel scap yards

•One of the top three steel wire producers in the world
•An exporter of finished steel products to more than 20 countries
•Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes
•More than 10,000 clients worldwide
•North America´s largest wire producer
•25 years experience in the U.S. market; 50 years of experience in the steel market